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  • Denal Construction Corporation

  • Jan 03.2012

  • Denal has recently completed the new offices for The Synergos Institute at 3 East 54th Street, New York, NY. They were previously located at 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY.

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  • Denal Construction Corporation

  • Jan 03.2012

  • Denal has completed an alteration for JC Decaux North America Inc. at 3 Park Avenue New York, NY.

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About Us

  • Denal Construction Corporation is a full service interior contractor that can provide important consultant services prior to and throughout a build-out.
  • Denal provides the highest quality build-out while maintaining competitive pricing. We feel this is partially possible through the important relationships that we have established throughout the industry.
  • These enduring relationships afford Denal the added advantage of stable buying power and problem solving capabilities that can often make the difference in completing a project on time and within the budget.
  • Denal Construction Corporation works as a team member with a Developer, Architect and Tenant to produce the most economical but quality interior build-out possible. Services can be prior to a lease commitment that will help establish budget controls as well as quality controls on the selection of materials.
  • Providing a complete breakdown of costs for both developer and tenant, Denal can help simply confusing cost analysis.
  • Denal’s past projects can be broken down into six specific categories:
    • Medical
    • Municipal & Public Work
    • Retail
    • Corporate
    • Education
    • Residential

DENAL’s expertise treats each type of construction in a unique manner, selecting the proper workers and subcontractors appropriate to each category.